Editing Bank Statements

  • Bank Statements (Commercial and Personal)
  • For Most US & Canadian Financial Institutions:
  • Bank of America
  • US Bank
  • Chase
  • Wells Fargo
  • HSBC
  • CITI
  • PNC
  • Capital One
  • TD Bank
  • Bank of Montreal
  • Scotia Bank
  • C.I.B.C.
  • Royal Bank


Financial & Other documents edited


  • Credit Card Statements
  • Mortgage Statements
  • Pay Stubs
  • Annual employment record
  • Job Letters
  • Many, many more. Please contact us for whatever you need.



Bank Statements, Pay Stubs, Documents, Edited and Fixed!

We are the experts in editing all kinds of documents!
At PaperWorkFixed, we take great care of working to create and edit bank statements, pay stubs and other documents.
With over 12 years experience with editing and creating bank statements and a variety of other kinds of paper work we have gained the confidence hundreds of clients and industry professionals that rely on us to get things done.
Our service is discreet, effecient and fast. We can offer a 24 hour turn around commitment on most requests.
Whatever you need – talk to us.
Located in Canada, our service is online – we are available on the phone and via email.



Next Steps…

How it works
Discretion and Privacy is Paramount.
We understand sharing your private details makes you uneasy. Thats why you can call and talk to us before starting the process.
The Process:

  1. Submit a detailed document request. This includes uploading and attaching the document you want to edit. Include exactly what you need changed (in explicit detail)
  2. We review and get back to you asap with the cost and time frame for delivery.
  3. A partial payment is required at the start and the balance upon completion.
  4. Once you receive the final edited document all original and copies are destroyed and you receive conformation of this.

We can process most requests in 24 hours!

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**These services are provided as a novelty for entertainment, we are not responsible for what you do with the documents when you receive them and we do not endorse any illegal activity.**